Introducing..."Whaz-Up? Cartoons Presents!" This is a weekly display of a variety of cartoons, including... Whaz-Up? Editorials," a comical look at current events, while "Phil & Buster," is a non-partisan take on the flips and flops of American politics.  "The Wildlife," is all about crazy animal antics, with a few humans thrown in just for kicks. The comic strip, "Shady Grove," follows the going-ons of the folks at the Shady Grove Mobile Home Park. This particular cartoon is a spin-off of a regional cartoon called "Ozarkology," which takes a look at the people, places, and things of the Ozarks.     
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  What I've tried to create here is a cartoon that takes the pulse of the nation and attempts to put it on paper along with a pound of humor and a grain of truth. I hope that when you look at a "Whaz-Up? Editorial" cartoon, it makes you smile because you've considered the subject matter yourself and thought..."what's up with that??"
Pops is the owner of the Shady Grove mobile home park. Of course, his faithful dog Jasper is always by his side. The two of these fellas travel quite a bit, (appearing in Ozarkology), while Pop's son Troy watches over the park. This cartoon has a wide range of characters including the pesky, Bolivar Shagnasty, who owns a salvage yard next door. And is always trying to take over Shady Grove.
Ever wonder what your dog is really thinking? Or, will a chicken really drown itself by standing in the rain? Well, to tell you the truth, I don't know either! But I do know that if you like crazy animal antics and fantastical, furry follies then THE WILDLIFE might just hit you right in the funny bone! This cartoon is all animals, all the time with a few humans thrown in just for kicks. 

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